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I was born and raised in NE Ohio, where I have lived all but 18 months in Phoenix, AZ. Im 38 yrs. old, married to my wife (Amy) and I have 2 stepchildren (Liz & Jeremy).

I was introduced to the outdoors by my dad (Rory) at a very young age. If dad didn't have us in the woods, he had us on the water. He taught me how to hunt, fish, shoot a bow and just overall love for the outdoors. Bow hunting is my biggest passion. I started shooting a bow around the age of 10, with an old Bear recurve of my dads and a wooden match for a sight pin. I currently shoot on the Athens Archery Shooting Staff, which I am very proud to be a part of. Also, I am on the Grim Reaper Broad heads Shooting Staff and a Pro staff member for Smooth Stability stabilizers and T.R.U. Ball releases.

My passion for deer management started when my dad bought a farm in SE Ohio, 16 years ago. My dad planted food plots of all kinds (trial & error). But even with the success of our plots, we wanted something more. Something complete to give the deer when they were lacking nutritionally. This is where RAKX evolved.

My spare time is spent scouting, checking trail cams, setting up stands, grooming food plots, researching deer and their nutrition and hunting and fishing with friends and family. I'm lucky enough to have a great wife and get to spend a lot of time with her in the woods, scouting and hunting. Also, to have a Dad, that I spend as much time with as I can, either in the woods or on the water. He is my mentor, my father and my best friend. To me nothing can compare to the time we spend in the outdoors with our friends and family!

My hunting adventures have taken me to Ohio, Montana, Iowa, Northern B.C., Pennsylvania and Michigan were I have hunted for antelope, caribou, whitetail deer, pheasant and grouse. Hopefully there's more great hunts to come!


Growing up in Western Pennsylvania on a farm, Amy was always involved in the outdoors. Investigating nature , either on horseback or with her older brother, was how she spent her time.

In 1989 her parents moved her to NE Ohio, where she now resides. She is married to her husband, Scott and she has two children, Elizabeth and Jeremy.

Her husband introduced her to hunting in 2006, not long after they met and she has been hooked ever since. After hunting hard her first few years, she finally harvested a tom turkey with her bow, in 2009, followed be her first deer in 2010 during gun season.

Amy is also on the Athens factory shooting staff and Grim Reaper broadheads staff.


my outdoor hunting, and fishing passion started at a very early age, with my father , and uncles being hunters/outdoorsman,and my grandfather being an avid coon hunter.

At age 7 armed with a Daisy BB-gun, cainpole,and frog gig I started down my own outdoor path. In my teens nothing seemed to take precedence over small game hunting with my Rem. .22 rifle,and my Mod. 12 Winchester shotgun. Deer,Turkey,Geese,Beaver,and Coyote were in small numbers, if at all!

I started bow hunting in 1968, and havested my first Ohio Deer in 1970 with a Bear recurve bow , and Bear wooden arrow. I have been fortunate to have hunted PA. , WV. northern BC. ,Alberta , Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming with success. for Deer , antalope , bear,elk,caribou,moose , and Sheep and with luck several book animals including Deer,Caribou, Antalope,and moose. Bow hunting, and managing deer continues to be my passion,

Steve Pruitt

Growing up in NE Ohio was pretty good for hunting and fishing. I remember my buddies and I would skip school to hit those spring crappies or sit in that stand for the chance at a slob. I was fortunate to have a handful of good friends that loved the same things. My best friends family took me in and showed me the ways of hunting/fishing, and for that I'll always be grateful.

I'm now married with two children, Cole 6 and Courtney 9. It's time for Dad to show them the ways of the outdoors. Archery has always been a passion of mine. I love going to 3D Shoots and swapping stories/facts on Archery Talk.

~Lets keep our traditions Alive~

Eric Jorgensen

I was born and raised in Minnesota and still reside here going on 34 years. I started hunting at the age of 9 and never looked back. I learned to hunt from my dad, uncle, and very close freind. They are all way older than me! I am an avid baseball fan and even played a little college ball myself. I was hurt my freshman year and was never able to recover. So hunting filled all my time from there out. At the age of 24 I met the women of my dreams Angie at a bar and we have been married 8 plus years now. She couldn't resist my dance moves. We have 2 kids Owen 5, Amery 2. They mean the world to me. Both future hunters. I think my wife is almost to the point of getting a bow her self! They are priority one. I am a full time swimming pool and hot tub service tech. This has been my job for the last 14 years. I'm the MN sales Rep and Pro Staffer for Bust A Buck Deer Lure. I also Own Jx4 Outdoors "The Tree Silencer". My favorite thing is being a Factory Staff Shooter For the Great company Athens Archery! You could say I'm a busy guy.

I'm a Prostaffer for Team Tree Silencer a company created by me. We video our hunts to provide great footage for all our sponsors. It's not the easiest thing to do but I love doing it!

I am a Factory Staff Shooter for Athens Archery. They took me in and treated me like family. There are not a lot of companies out there that treat there staffers like Athens does. They sell The best bows on the market if you ask me. I've shot a lot of bows in my day and Athens is by far the best. I would still shoot an Athens bow even if I weren't on the staff, that are that good.

I also shoot for Bust A Buck Deer Lure. The products Howard has come up with are by far the best in the industry. They are a fairly new company and there name is just getting out there,but you will be hearing lots about them in the future. They carry a full line of urine, cover scents, Mineral,and soon to come food plot mixes. Every thing you need to Bust A Buck.

I am also a Pro Staffer for U-Slide Bow Holders and Vapor Trail Archery!

I started Archery hunting at the age 8 with a Jennings bow that was made in like 1920. The first deer I ever shot at with that bow I missed by 30 yards. I was so nervous It was great. We found my arrow 50 yards in the woods and the deer was only 20ft away. From that day on I was hooked. I shot a High Country for a while and was never able to connect. From there I started shooting PSE bows where my success rate starting increasing. Now I shoot an Athens and will never change. I basically put the guns on hold and strictly bow hunt. There is something to be said about bow hunters. We are a family, and we stick together. There is an addiction I must admit too, and it is Bow Hunting!!

Jordan Lenkey

I was raised within a family of hunter's who have shown me the life style I enjoy today, "hunting". The passion began early, where I created my dreams and carrier goals for Bow Hunting and Whitetail Managing . My ADDICTION first began at a young age, when my dad (Myron) introduced me to the outdoors. At four years old I would mimicked the sound of every noise I heard. I'd call in spring Tom's with my voice while waiting for my school bus. My uncle Wally realized my talent and always wanted to place me into turkey calling tournments. He began taking me out turkey hunting at a later age to feel the rush of the gobble down in the hallow. Still to this day I can churp up turkeys by just using my voice and have also discovered that i can grunt exactly like a buck. While looking up to my hunting idol (Mark Drury) I began filming my own hunts in 2007. To my surprise, my very first year of filming was a success. I harvested my biggest buck to date, a beautiful pope & young 9pt. This first kill on video influenced my brothers passion for filming also and ultimately brought us closer together as hunting partner's for life. We now have successfuly harvested 3 mature bucks on film and numerous does. Now that I picked up the camera, I have set down the gun and strictly chase whitetails with my bow. The action and adrenaline you recieve from bow hunting is what drives me each an every year to hunt harder and smarter. Being within 40 yards or less of the animal your stalking is an increditble feeling that words cannot explain. The stakes run higher when you bow hunt making it harder to succeed, but when this passion pays off, it's an accomplishment every hunter respects and loves. I shoot my bow year round, whether it's target practicing, 3-D shoots, or hunting. Since 2005 I also enjoy shed hunting. This to me is a great way to introduce new future hunters to our lives in the outdoors. You get to talk, laugh, and make memories with who ever you wish while being outdoors at the same time. It is a true healthy hobby that keeps me in shape and out of trouble. And did I mention it's a great way to scout? Scouting is another big part to my hunting life. Using trail cameras and velvet scouting is a great way to slide closer to ending a deal on a buck you've known for years. It's Chrismas everytime we sit down to check our cameras knowing that there could be a buck of a lifetime in your area. At the age of 19, i feel that i've learned alot from friends and family and hope to continue to grow with the help of Portage County Outdoors. I'm proud,thankful, and thrilled to be apart of the P.C.O. team, thanks!.

Tyler Lenkey

I will always remember that first mourning... Walking out to that "perfect" spot with my dad, overlooking the most prestine hardwoods (sitting next to a tree that would camoflauge me from any approaching deer). My uncles were putting on a deer drive that would eventually push a magnificent nine point buck straight in my direction. With my heart beating out of my chest, i raised my single shot 20 gauge, paused on his vitals, and let the hammer blast. The buck ran past my tree, within 10 yards of where i sat in shock, and piled up on an old logging road which made for an easy tracking job. From that point on, i was addicted! It wasn't the biggest buck ever harvested from the property but for me, it fueled a passion larger than words could explain. Since that day, I've been influenced by my brother Jordan and best friend Bobby to chase these magnificent animals with the ol' stick and string.. I honestly couldn't replace the feeling I get when perched from a treestand, with my lil' brother at my back man'in the camera, watching a deer slip through the woods almost unnoticed. The few times I've been fortunate enough to place my sights on the vitals of a buck will forever be etched in my memory. This IS my healthy Addiction!

"I work to live, but live to Hunt"

Joe Bell and Robyn Hawthorne

We both live in Lisbon, Ohio and live on some of the best whitetail hunting ground in NE Ohio. When it comes to deer hunting, it is a 365 day a year obsession with both of us. From planting food plots to establishing mineral sites we do it all. During the summer you can usually find us on a 3D course honing our bowhunting skills for the upcoming season or in the field on cool evenings scouting for big whitetails. We both shoot for Paulies Pro Shop in Salem, OH.

I have been hunting for as long as I can remember. I would tag along with my dad and his buddies out coon hunting when I should have been getting some sleep for school the following morning. My passion, along with her dads obsession for monster Ohio whitetails and bowhunitng, has found its way into Robyns blood and now when I head to the woods she is right beside me.......

Wait and see what is in store for the 2011 season....

Brad Couillard

I grew up in a country town outside of Frederick, Maryland. I am currently a Civil/Structural Engineer undergraduate at the University of Maryland and will graduate in December 2011. My Dad first got me addicted to deer hunting when I was 12. He helped me through my hunter safety certification and on that first youth hunt of the season he guided me to my first buck. From then on, my love for deer hunting has grown in to an obsession where all year is dedicated to improving the odds at taking a trophy buck.

An absolute passion of mine is bow hunting and archery. I am an active member of the Athens Archery Field Staff and have been for the last two years. I spend most of my spare time shooting, tuning and practicing different shot opportunities for that moment of truth. I was also just brought on to Bust-A-Buck as a sales rep, as well as the ArcheryLessonsOnline.com Pro Staff and Seemz Technology Field Staff. I am a trophy hunter and was raised that way by my Dad and in the woods I always pass on the smaller deer in hopes of a big one walking by. I live for the serenity of those early chilly mornings sitting on stand and just enjoying every part of the outdoors.

I am excited to be apart of the PCO team and after seeing the proof of the quality of Rakx and Track Hoe I know I can capitalize on some quality deer this year. Good luck to everyone this season.

Steven Casselman

I was born, raised, and live in Southwest Michigan. I come from a family of outdoor and sports enthusiasts. My family has been deer hunting since the dawn of time. My parents have also been coaches of various sports since I was 5 years old. I have one brother, awesome parents that are still going strong, a beautiful wife, and an 8 year old son who is rapidly gaining interest in EVERYTHING daddy does.

I have been bow hunting for almost 25 years. I have a passion for bow hunting over any other method because it requires more skill in my opinion. Archery allows the hunter to get much closer to the game being pursued, giving the hunt nostalgia that firearms hunting doesn’t quite meet. With that said, I still pick up the ol’ smoke pole a few times late in the season. My favorite animal to hunt is the Whitetail deer; mainly because that’s the only big game we have here in SW Michigan. I am also pursuing my first turkey yet again this year(2012), and it’s looking very promising. My dream hunt is a Big Horn Sheep. It’s something about those horns and the almost impossible challenge of hunting this animal with a bow. I’m not sure if I’m more intrigued by the challenge, or the trophy?

I am currently the President of our local QDMA Michiana Branch. Besides hunting, I thoroughly enjoy practicing QDM. I try to spend as much time as allowed working on habitat improvement for better deer hunting. Running the chainsaw, planting trees, shrubs, and food plots are a ridiculous amount of work, but the results are well worth the effort.

In my life outside of hunting, I have a Welding Engineering Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Management. My educational studies have allowed me a strong career in manufacturing, and most recently moving into the sales industry. The transition into sales will allow me more time for family, friends, and of course hunting!

I have been a Factory Staff Shooter for Athens Archery since 2009 and currently shoot the Athens Afflixtion. I am also on Pro Staff with Red Feather Archery broadheads, U-slide bow holder, Ltl Acorn Outdoors, and now Portage County Outdoors. I give many thanks to all of these companies for allowing me the opportunity to represent. I’m a small town guy that likes to support small up and coming businesses with hard working blue collar people at the helm.

One of my favorite quotes; "Anybody can kill one with a gun" Steve Casselman

Thank you for reading my bio, now please go enjoy the outdoors! Take a child with you if you can as they are the future.

Dave Green

I got my first bow when I was about six years old. It was a recurve, I had a finger tab, some arrows and not a clue of what I was doing. But I was having fun. Soon with some instructions from my folks, I could hit something smaller than a barn .As a family, myself, my two younger brothers and our parents were always heading to a 3D shoot or elk camp or maybe just camping and fishing.

As I got older I spent some time in the Army as a Combat Medic, then in2005 I got the word that I was deploying to Iraq .To make a long story short, I was hurt and returned to the U.S. and after a long stay at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, I was medically retired from the Army. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself, but then I realized, I have an eight year old son who loves to hunt and fish as much as I do. And now, I have all the time in the world to do just that, hunt and fish.

My true passion is bow hunting, I shoot both compound and traditional (recurve). I am a Factory Staff Shooter for Athens Archery, as well as a Staff Shooter for T.R.U. Ball Archery. I also try to spend as much time as I can working with different organizations that help wounded or disabled veterans.

Team Clawson

Jay and Kristin Clawson live for the outdoors and are making hunting a family sport. I, Jay, took up archery 22 years ago and along with my brother taught myself how to shoot. I read many magazines, articles etc... to teach myself what to do but time in the woods proved to be the best teacher. My father grew up hunting but didn't do much while we were growing up. My brother and I decided we would try it on our own so we bought a bow and that was all she wrote. My parents taught us to be proficient in everything we did so we tried to take that approach in archery and hunting. Although we were not successful for many years we finally matured and became avid sportsmen who value our hunting rights and what god has given us.

Kristin grew up around hunting her whole life. Her father and brother were avid hunters and were a great influence on her. Kristin lost her father 8 years ago and he never got to see her passion for the sport. Kristin started shooting archery 4 years ago after she saw how passionate Jay was and how she remembered her dad and brother. Her dad would be very proud of her knowing she is following in his foot steps and learning from what he taught her, This is Kristin's third year hunting and she is obsessed with the sport like all of us.

Jay and Kristin have 2 daughters, Morgan and Kaelin who both shoot 3D archery and are being taught the values of the outdoors and why we hunt. They are still young but will hopefully follow in their parents foot steps.

Scott is putting his heart and soul into Portage County Outdoors so that people like us can enjoy this great sport.

Jeff Tinsley

One of my mottos I live by is “Respect.” It is important to respect the outdoors and always be the best ambassador that you can be for all hunters across the nation. Always be humble in the field when you are successful and never brag about the success that you have. There are very few individuals in the industry that have the passion, drive and love for the outdoors than me. I am completely obsessed with it! I am an avid bow hunter (occasionally picking up my muzzle loader) from South Carolina that simply loves chasing mature whitetails all over the US. I have hunted in SC, GA, FL, AL, KY, MS, WY, OH, IL and I can’t wait to add more to the list in the future.

My day job is an operations manager for the largest kayak manufacturer in the world. I also do a weekly local radio hunting and fishing talk show in Clemson, SC. I first started bow hunting at the age of 9 and have been doing so ever since. I have taken Turkey, Wild Boar, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Rabbit, Fox, Dove, Snakes, Squirrel, and Coyotes all using a bow. I am 33 years old and married to the greatest woman in the world due to the fact that she has to endure this obsession that consumes me. Fortunately, she too is an avid bow hunter in the whitetail woods. Each day I push my self to the extreme to better my skills on the archery range as well as my skills as a hunter. I want to be the best at what I do and hunting is pretty much all I do. Of course there is the occasional snow skiing in the winter with the extreme kayak fishing in the summer. But when fall arrives I am like a kid in the candy store. I simply eat, sleep, and breathe anything to do with the outdoor industry and hunting whitetails.

I spend every waking hour trying to not only hunt those old elusive giant Whitetails, but go even further to figure them out. In most cases you only get one shot at that big buck and you have to be able to close the deal when the time comes.

I am blessed to be a hunter, and even more blessed to do it in the South as well as many other parts of the US. I pride myself on standing up for my values and push myself each day to get more and more people involved in the outdoors.

Along with becoming a pro staff member for Portage County Outdoors, I have also had the honor of joining the pro staff teams of Stalker XTV and Raw Emotion Outdoors. “Shoot straight and hammer down!”

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